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Business park, Monza, Italy
Business park,
Monza, Italy

Outsourcing is already an established practice in many production companies and business. By outsourcing, your main business can mostly remain the creative part of the product, that is the value actually perceived and appreciated by the final customer.

You commit your time and talents in curing the most crucial and interesting design or entrepreneurial activity in the search for new contacts, clients and opportunities. Your skills may be other, without wasting energy and attention on the production of drawings and documents.
In the meantime, we are concerned with what is already running but that turns out to be a lengthy, tedious and repetitive job that must still be completed quickly and efficiently, always with a very high quality, tailored to your standards.

General and administrative expenses of your business increase if you need to invest in people, hardware and software, furniture and space to develop, reviewing and managing drawings and documents. To maximize your business, without arriving at excessive discounts you can reduce costs, cut overhead costs, remaining your activity lean and flexible.

Moving towards an outsourced solution means :

  • not to invest in infrastructure;
  • not to support operating costs;
  • optimise staff;
  • rely on the experience and expertise of technicians.

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