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Shopping center, Olbia, Italy
Shopping center,
Olbia, Italy

The appeal to Outsourcing not only keeps costs down but also delegates to highly qualified personnel. For these reasons, we invite you to test our group on a small project to prove our abilities and our effectiveness.
The price is determined in relation to the processing time, which is closely related to the complexity of the work and the proximity of the deadline. Costs may be assessed both as lump sum or as hourly fee.

Lump sum: this option works with small jobs that leave no room for interpretation or variables. Thecustomer will know in advance the cost of our work and since we always assume the risk of this option, little room is left to flexibility.

Hourly fee: is ideal for large or complex works in which there may be changes and revisions. By fixing a time schedule, the client maintains cost control, also by acceding to timetables.

The work is done always and only upon signature of the contract by both parties.