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Enrico Marchetti
Vittoria Boschini
Sara Gallini
Chantal Cattaneo
Enrico Marchetti

In 1997, Enrico graduates from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Genoa.

Even before getting his degree, he collaborates with architectural firms in Genoa, acquiring the foundations for professional practice. Later he workes as a freelance for several practices in Genoa, Milan, London and Monte Carlo, specializing in detailed design.

In recent years he has managed large projects in various sectors ranging from commercial, to hospitals, to residential, coordinating the project team, the relationship with the client and the different implementation phases to completion in yard, in Italy and abroad.

Sara Gallini

Sara graduates in Architecture in Genoa in 1998. In 2001, she specializes in Restoration of Monuments and during that time she collaborates with the Department of Sciences for Architecture at the University of Genoa for the preparation of books and scientific researches in the field of technology of restoration.

As a freelance architect she works at various architectural firms active in both the public and private sectors, and in the role of team leader or project architect, she is responsible for the detailed design of residential and commercial buildings in various countries around the world.

She currently lives and works in Australia.

Chantal Cattaneo

Chantal graduates in 1993 in Architecture at the University of Genoa.

After brief working experiences in Paris and Milan, she settles for three years in London, where she works at a major architectural firm, gaining experience on commercial, office and residential developments.

Since 1997 she lives and works in Genoa, where, in parallel to the activity on her own, she collaborates with several professional practices in the field of graphic elaboration of the project.

Vittoria Boschini

My name is Victoria, I graduated in April 1997 and in May of the same year I started working for a restoration company as a consultant for the choice of the most suitable materials and methods of restoration and new accomplishments. At the same time, I designed small and medium-sized projects, and I realized renovations of apartments and villas with related furnishing solutions.

In 2000 I opened my own design practice, keeping on working as a freelancer in other architectural and engineering firms.

I participated as a designer to important achievements, including long-term contracts, coordinating design teams in constant contact with the customer, dealing also the supervision and control of the building sites.


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